nWo Member Joins Pro Wrestle Fest

Pro Wrestle Fest announced that nWo Scott Norton will be part of the biggest nWo reunion ever. They also announced general admission prices and that tickets will be on sale October 1st. You can see the announcement below that was announced on Facebook today.

This weeks announcement is Scott Norton!!!!

We are getting questions about tickets. Here is what we can release for now.

General Admission Tickets $20~~~~ On Sale 10/1
NWO Super Ticket ~~~~~~ On Sale 10/1
Vendor Tables~~~~On Sale NOW!!!

Here is a list of Photo Ops available without spoiling anything.

NWO Reunion
Mean Gene Experience (Get a promo with Mean Gene)
The Outsiders
Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell

We will be announcing many more

Currently, Pro Wrestle Fest has announced
Eric Bischoff
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Jeff Farmer (nWo Sting)
Nick Patrick (nWo Referee)
Buff Bagwell
Scott Steiner
Jeff Jarrett
Mean Gene Okerlund
Scott Norton
Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase

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