Felicia Rose On Being Thrown Out Of SummerSlam & Monday Night Raw

In an exclusive interview, Felicia Rose, also known for the sign “FaceFuck Me Finn,” was thrown out of WWE SummerSlam. She was also thrown out of Monday Night Raw following SummerSlam. In the interview, she clears the air why she was thrown out by both events.

Rose on why she was ejected from SummerSlam

I brought the sign back, and had a tongue and cheek sign on the back that said, “Facetime Me Finn,”
I knew it was going to get me thrown out. It was like a soft kick out. They took the sign and security was walking with me first but I felt like I could have gone back to my seat. I left because of discomfort after that. You don’t bring a disgusting sign to WWE and not cause some kind of trouble. I expected that.

Rose ongoing viral with the sign and the meaning of the “Face Fuck Me Finn” sign,

I never meant to go viral with the sign three years ago. I had nosebleed seats way up and snuck down and someone took a picture and it went viral, and a shit storm happened from there.
For the last three years, I’ve been telling people to fuck off because I’ve been fat shamed, told that I’m a whore, and burn in hell and all that. There’s nothing wrong with owning the person you are and that’s the point of the sign, to begin with, and that was the point in bringing it back.
I brought it for a throwback and get the point why I was kicked out for it. I don’t know why people think it’s an ongoing thing, I haven’t brought a sign like that to a show in years.

Rose on being thrown out of Raw

There are plenty of moments where I was just watching, sitting innocently sitting and standing with the crowd. I definitely was not causing a ruckus.
There was no other time I was asked to sit down. During that match (Finn vs Reigns) I got a little excited, I was told once, maybe twice to sit and I did. I would stand intermittently as the match progressed because of that’s what you do at wrestling shows. You get excited and you get into it, I’m not going to apologize for being excited.

I do apologize for the behavior of the person I was with. I do not personally know that person. He asked me to go to the show the day before, we met at SummerSlam and I was like, absolutely. I have no problem going with someone I just met at a wrestling event, I’ve done it before.

I’m not rich, I don’t make a ton of money so if I can go and make a new friend, sure no problem. I didn’t know what I signed up for and I didn’t know he’d be a little more ruckus then the normal fan.

On “sites” covering the story

If you look at the sites covering it all they did was take screenshots of me shouting at the ring. They were saying I was shouting obscenities, not true! I understand how it works and try not to scream or shout swear words, there are children around, I’m not an asshole. There were kids behind me watching Bayley and I was getting out of their way and they were so excited and so cute.

So for the Finn match, I’m screaming, “Come on Finn, get up Finn,” stuff like that. People just screen out that and make it look like I’m causing the fight. I had no idea what was going on to my left or behind me.

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