Sabu Comments On Recent Twitter Exchange

Recently, posted a story about ECW Original Sabu sending a “creepy” message to a fan known on Twitter as @kliqkid. All this commotion is shrapnel from the bomb that blew up from @kliqkid going public with James Ellsworth this weekend.

Kenny Casanova from WOHW Publishers is currently working with Sabu on his book, so he reached out to Sabu on this manner. According to Kenny, Sabu said, “I didn’t say anything bad to her other than asking her to buy a shirt from us first after she asked me to follow her, first.  She said she could ‘rock your Sabu and Genie tee.’  I continued to be nice to her because we were hoping for a sale. When I said, “You are a cutie. How old are you?” It was like 9 am and figured she was from the UK, because of the tour we just got home from. It would have been very late in the UK, …like midnight, you know, a passed-her-bedtime-kind-of-thing. It’s not like I asked her on a date or anything like that, just being nice to her!”

“Sabu still travels all over the world to wrestle and make appearances with his manager Melissa Coates,” Casanova said.”The only thing he was really guilty of was trying to hustle a t-shirt sale – and in a much more polite manner than say Virgil would, mind you.”

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