Sabu Comments On Recent Twitter Exchange

Recently, posted a story about ECW Original Sabu sending a “creepy” message to a fan known on Twitter as @kliqkid. All this commotion is shrapnel from the bomb that blew up from @kliqkid going public with James Ellsworth this weekend.

It’s reported that Sabu called the fan, “a cutie,” and followed with asking her how old she the fan was. For those who don’t know, @kliqkid as the same underage female James Ellsworth reportedly sent explicit photos too.

Kenny Casanova of WOHW Publishers reached out to Sabu for on the manner. Sabu said, “I didn’t say anything bad to her other than asking her to buy a shirt from us.  She said she could rock this Sabu and Genie tee. The only reason I was nice to her to begin with, was I was hoping she would buy a t-shirt. I said, “you are a cutie. how old are you?” It was like 9 am and I think she was from the UK.  I was like how old are you because it was late in the UK, like midnight. It’s not like I asked her on a date or anything like that, just being nice to her. Casanova added that Sabu mistakenly thought the fan was from the UK. Sabu had just gotten back from a UK tour and assumed she was a UK fan. The fan is actually from Massachusetts. Sabu still travels overseas to wrestle, but this particular tour was just for the UK.

According to Casanova, the young fan contacted Sabu first. She asked Sabu to follow her. Once Sabu found out how old the fan was, the interacting stopped immediately between the two. Sabu said, “There is nothing to clear. More just trying to shed light on the situation.”